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Lab Facilities

List of Equipments

Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       1 kW Solar PV training system with On grid and OFF grid Inverter
2       Hybrid 100 W PV solar and 200W Micro wind Generator System
3       Fuel Cell Trainer
4       Electric Vehicle Trainer setup
5       True RMS Clamp Meter 
6       Handheld Battery Analyzer
7       Digital LUX meter
8       Vane Anemometer
9       Sound Level Meter
10      5KV insulation Tester
11      24V/12V 5 Amp SMPS Alkaline Lead acid battery Charger
12      1 kW Solar Emulator Hardware Trainer Kit
13      Multimeter
14      Battery
15      Digital Tachometer
Power Electronics laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       DSO 100MHz , 2 Channel
2       Isolated 200 Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
3       200 MHz 6 Channel Flexi Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
4       Digital LCR meter
5       Fluke Power Quality Analyser 435II
6       Advanced Training Module for IGBT Characteristics
7       Advanced Training Module for SCR Characteristics
8       Advanced Training Module for TRIAC Characteristics
9       Advanced Training Module for MOSFET based DC-DC Buck Converter/Chopper
10      Advanced Training Module for MOSFET based DC-DC Buck Converter/Chopper
11      Characteristics of SCR
12      Characteristics of TRIAC
13      Characteristics of MOSFET
14      Characteristics of IGBT
15      Single phase SCR based Half controlled converter    built-in  firing circuit and Power circuit module
16      Single phase SCR based Fully controlled converter  built-in  firing circuit and Power circuit module  
17      MOSFET based step up and step down choppers. (Built-in  firing circuit and Power circuit)
18      IGBT based single phase PWM inverter module (Built-in  firing circuit and Power circuit) 
19      IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module (Built-in  firing circuit, Power circuit and 3Φ Motor)
20      SCR &TRIAC based 1 phase AC controller along with lamp or rheostat load
21      IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module (Built-in  firing circuit, Power circuit and 3Φ Motor)
22      Switched mode power converter module/ Discrete Component
23       Single phase to Single phase cycloconverter experiment trainer kit 
24      UJT , R & RC Firing Module
25      UPS Trainer
26      Characteristics Of GTO & IGCT
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kits
2       8255 Interface Board
3       8259 Interface Board
4       8051 Micro Controller Trainer Kit with power supply (Processor + RS232 Cable)
5       Key Board display Interface board
6       Two channel DAC interface board
7       Eight channel ADC interface board
8       8251 and 8253 interface board
9       Stepper motor controller with motor
10      DC motor speed measurement and Control Module
11      Traffic Light Control System
12      Elevator Simulator Interface
Electrical Machines Laboratory 
S.No    Major Equipments
1       DC Shunt motor with loading Set
2       DC Series Motor with Loading set
3       DC Compound motor with Loading Set
4       DC shunt motor with Shunt Generator set
5       DC shunt motor with Compound Generator set
6       DC Shunt Motor with 3 Phase Alternator set
7       3 Phase induction motor (Cage) with loading set
8       Single Phase induction motor with loading set
9       3 phase induction motor (wound) with Loading set
10      Single Phase Transformers 2KVA,1KVA
11      Single Phase Auto Transformer
12      Three Phase Auto Transformer 
13      3 Phase AC-DC rectifier (200Amps)
14      Portable DC Moving Coil Ammeter
15      Portable DC Moving Coil Voltmeter
16      Portable AC Moving Iron Voltmeter
17      Portable AC Moving Iron Ammeter
18      Portable Wattmeter LPF
19      Portable Wattmeter UPF
20      Portable Single Phase wattmeter with reversible switch UPF
21      Portable Single Phase wattmeter with reversible switch LPF
22      Rheostats
23      BLDC motor with controller 40Watt,24VDC, 3000 RPM
24      Synchronous Induction Motor
25      Single Phase resistive Load bank 5KW
26      Three Phase Resistive Loading Bank 7.5KW
27      Capacitor Load 3Phase, 10Amps
29      Tachometer-Digital
30      Tachometer-Analog
31      Fluke Make 5 KV Digital Insulation Tester 
32      1 KV digital insulation tester
33      Digital Multi meter with True RMS and indicate distorted wave form
34      Clamp meter 999A AC 
35      High sensitivity miniature AC/DC clamp meter
36      Phase Sequence indicator
37      5HP Fully Automatic Star Delta Starter
Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       Dual (0-30V) Power Supply
2       Cathode Ray Oscilloscope : 30MHz
3       Function Generator : 1MHz
4       IC Tester
5       Transformers / Auto Transformers
6       Digital IC Trainer Kit
7       Universal digital IC trainer kit
       Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       Decade Capacitance Box
2       Decade Resistance Box
3       Decade Inductance Box
4       Strain Measurement Trainer kit
5       LDR/Photo diode/Photo Transistor Trainer kit
6       Displacement Measurement Trainer using LVDT
7       Pressure Measurement Trainer Module
8       Thermistor trainer kit
9       RTD trainer kit
10      Kelvin’s Double Bridge trainer kit
11      Wheat stone’s bridge trainer kit
12      Schering Bridge trainer kit
13      Desauty’s Bridge trainer kit
14      Hay’s Bridge trainer kit
15      Anderson’s Bridge trainer kit 
16      Maxwell’s Inductance Bridge trainer kit
17      Instrumentation Amplifier Module
18      Current Transformer Trainer kit
19      Simulation Of Control Systems By Mathematical Development Tools Digital Simulation Of Linear Systems
20      Synchro-Transmitter- Receiver And Characteristics Synchro Transmitter Receiver Trainer
21      Position Control Systems : Dc Motor Position Control System Trainer Kit
22      Design Of Lag, Lead And Lag-Lead Compensators Lead-Lag Network Simulator – Trainer Kit
23      Modelling Of Systems – Machines, Sensors And Transducers- Dc Motor & Dc Generator Transfer Function Study Trainer Kit
24      Stability Analysis Of Linear System- Trainer Kit
25      Process Control Simulator- For Linear System & PID Study – Trainer Kit
26      ADC 8 Channel Standalone Module
27      DAC Stand Alone Study Module
28      Power and Energy Measurement
29      Strain Measurement Trainer
30      Flow Measurement Trainer
       Electronics Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       V-I Characteristics of  PN junction trainer kit
2       V-I Characteristics of  Zener diode trainer kit
3       Common Emitter configuration trainer kit
4       Common Collector Amplifier
5       JFET Characteristics trainer kit
6       Characteristics of UJT and generation of saw tooth waveforms Trainer Kit
7       Frequency Response Characteristics of  Common Emitter Amplifier trainer kit
8       Characteristics of photo diode & photo transistor, Study of light activated relay circuit Trainer Kit
9       RC Phase Shift Oscillator Kit
10      Half wave, Full wave and Bridge rectifier with & without filter trainer kit
11      Differential Amplifier using FET Trainer kit
12      Astableand Monostable multi vibrator kit using IC555
13      70 Mhz Bandwidth,1G/S sample rate,2 channels,2.1 k record length
14      100 MHz Bandwidth, 1 G/S sample rate, 2 channel, 2.5 K record length
15      Dual Power Supply 
16      Function Generator
17      Multimeter 
18      Voltmeter
19      Ammeter
20      CRO – 30MHz Dual Channel
21      Multi output Power Supply 
22      Soldron 938 Temperature controlled Digital Soldering station
       Electric Circuits Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipments
1       Series Resonant Circuit And Parallel Resonant Circuit Trainer Kit
2       Verifying Superposition theorem trainer kit
3       Verifying Thevinens theorem trainer kit
4       Verifying maximum power transfer theorem kit
5       Decade Resistance Box
6       Decade capacitance Box
7       Decade Inductance Box
8       70 Mhz Bandwidth,1G/S sample rate,2 channels,2.1 k record length
9       100 MHz Bandwidth, 1 G/S sample rate, 2 channel, 2.5 K record length
10      Dual Power Supply 
11      Function Generator
12      Multimeter 
13      Voltmeter
14      Ammeter
15      CRO – 30MHz Dual Channel
       Engineering Practices Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipment
1       Mixer Grinder Demonstration kit
2       Ceiling fan working demonstration Trainer kit
3       Induction cook top Heater Demonstration kit
4       Iron Box working demonstration Trainer kit
5       Bosch Driller GSB600 RE13mm 600watt smart drill kit
6       MECO Digital Multimetermech045CF
7       Digital Earth Tester
8       Leakage Current Tester
9       MicroOhm meter-MECO 7272
10      Range Finder (Power Tool)
11      Digital Earth Resistance Tester 
12      Clamp on earth Tester 
13      Energy meter (Disc Type)
14      Energy meter (Static Type)
15      Digital Line Tester
16      Insulation tester (500V-10-100 Mohm)
       IOT Laboratory
S.No    Major Equipment
1       IOT trainer Setup
2       PLC trainer Setup
3       Computers




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