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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering focusses its attention on offering its students several opportunities to gain knowledge and skills needed to place them on par with any Computer Science graduate at the national level. Computer Science Engineering opens the door to the digital and online world, in business, economy, day-to-day work, entertainment and all other spheres of modern day activities and it is the vision of the department to create engineers who will impact these fields. An interdisciplinary approach to the teaching methodologies develops our young students into inspired, committed students with the spirit of team work and leadership. Students are encouraged to enhance their technical and professional skills in a holistic manner. Well qualified, dedicated and highly knowledgeable faculty members work hard to make their students stand out in a crowd of students with similar interests. No effort is too big, no classwork insignificant for these faculty members. Every day is an adventure on the trail of knowledge and skills. It is the vision of the department to create a pool of talented and sincere young engineers in the institution in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and to be able to proudly feel that our students have played their role in nation building.

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Government College of Engineering Chettikarai Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu 636 704 India Telephone: 9444565950