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Science and Humanities

The generic name 'Science and Humanities ' comprises the four integral departments of Chemistry, English, Physics and Mathematics. Each of these departments plays a significant role in strengthening and laying the foundation of engineering studies. The Sciences open up the window to the world of sciences that lead to technology. They are offered at the Undergraduate level to engineering students. They help students understand the basics of engineering and strengthen their understanding of the principles of engineering courses. A student who possesses an excellent grasp of the  scientific principles is able to apply these in his/her engineering concepts. The laboratories are well-equipped and serve the needs of the students in a truly adequate manner.  'Humanities' signifies the use of language in technical and engineering studies and the impact that engineering students make on the world with their communication skills and inter-personal skills. The department offers ample training in sharpening the LSRW skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) which will bolster their confidence and help them reach their full potential in their careers and professions. The department offers Technical English 1 & 2 in the first year of engineering and a Communication Skills Laboratory in the 3rd year of engineering study. 

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