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Student Council




Advisory Committees shall be appointed for the various associations comprising the following members:
1. Principal
2.Programme Officer-in-Charge
3.  Student Office Bearers 
        A. Student President (1 Male Student + 1 Female Student)
        B. Student Secretary (1 Male Student + 1 Female Student) 
        C. Student Treasurer (1 Male + 1 Female Student) 

The overall function of each Advisory Committee of the various co-curricular programmes such as NSS, NCC and YRC and Students Union, Arts and Cultural Associations  at the college level is to advise on the various activities of associations  based on the immediate and urgent needs of the students and the community. It should meet regularly at least four times during the year. Records and registers shall be maintained, updated and submitted every year.

II. Records and Register
The following list of Records and Registers are to be maintained by the Associations duly signed by the Committee members.
1.    Enrolment Register of Student members 
2.    Cash Register
3.    Stock Register (Consumable & Non-Consumable)
4.    Attendance Register for Student members 
5.    Register of Project ReportsWeekwise
6.    Register of Progress ReportWeekwise
7.    Minutes Book of Meetings  
8.    Visitors Book

III. Duties and responsibilities of different Functionaries of Co-Curricular Programmes and Associations 
Programme Officers-in-Charge:

The Programme Officer is expected 
1.    To motivate the student youth to understand the values and philosophy of the association. The overall functions of the Programme officer are to help the students to plan, implement and evaluate the activities of the association under his/her charge and give proper guidance and directions to the student volunteers.
2.    To take custody of the various registers and hand it over to the next officer on completion of tenure.
3.    To supervise the nomination of students to the Students Committee in each association.

Student President (From the Final Year)
1.    To assist the Principal and the Programme Officers-in-Charge in areas such as student welfare, discipline.
2.    To uphold the values and ethics in the conduct of the affairs of the association in holding events, inviting resource persons and handling financial transactions, if any, in co-ordination with the Programme Officer-in-Charge and the Principal.
3.    To encourage and motivate participation by students interested in specific club activities and co-curricular activities such as NSS, NCC, and YRC etc.
4.    To ensure proper maintenance of registers 
5.    To liaison between students and the Programme Officer
6.    To plan, organize and successfully implement events and activities for the year
7.    To conduct the Fresher’s Day, Fresher’s Day, Students Association Day, Independence Day and Republic Day.

Student Secretary(From the Third Year) 
1.    To assist student chairpersons in the activities of the association
2.    To record and submit all data related to the activities 
3.    To maintain and update all registers of the association

IV. Procedure for Nomination of Student members in Student Bodies
An overall list of students eligible to be nominated for each co-curricular programme and club /association in each department may be drawn by the Heads of Departments.
From the list of eligible students, two  students ( 1 Male + 1 Female Student)  from each department interested in a particular activitymay be nominated by the faculty, final year students and third year students of each department during class committee meetings to become members of the Executive Committees based on the eligibility criteria given below.
From among the members of the Executive Committees, one Male, one Female student may be nominated by the Principal, and the Executive Committee for each association and

Co-curricular activities.
Each department students shall hold the position for a period of one year in a round robin method, thereby giving the opportunity to students of all departments to develop leadership qualities. 

All nominated students shall abide by the duties and responsibilities presented above. 

V. Eligibility Criteria
The nominated student shall in no event have any academic arrears in the year of nomination. However, caution is to be taken to ensure that class toppers alone are not automatically nominated.

The nominee shall have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the university or 75% attendance, whichever is higher.

The nominee shall not have a previous criminal record, that is to say he/she shall not have been tried and/or convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanor. The nominee shall also not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the department or the institution.

The student nominated shall be a regular, full time student of the institution. That is to say that all eligible nominees shall be enrolled in a full time course.The representative body so elected shall only comprise of regular students on the rolls of the institution. 

No person, who is not a student on the rolls of the institution, shall be permitted to take part in the nomination process in any capacity. Any person violating this rule shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

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