List of Equipments 

S. No Name o fthe Equipment Qty Name of the Lab
1 DC Shunt Motor With Loading Set 2+1=3Nos
Electrical Machines Lab
2 DC Series Motor With Loading Set 1No
3 DC Compound Motor With Loading Set 1No
4 DC Shunt Motor With Shunt Generator Set 1No
5 DC Shunt Motor With Compound Generator Set 1+1=2Nos
6 DC Shunt Motor With 3phase Alternator Set 1+1+1=3Nos
7 3 PHASE Induction Motor (Cage) With Loading Set 1+1=2Nos
8 Single Phase Induction Motor With Loading Set 2+1=3Nos
9 3 Phase Induction Motor (Wound) With Loading Set 1+1=2Nos
10 Single Phase Transformers 2Nos
11 1 ɸ Auto Transformer
3 ɸ Auto Transformer
12 Teak Wood Table 9+9= 18Nos
13 Hydraulic Scissors Truck 1No
14 Synchronous Induction Motor 1No
15 Single Phase Auto Transformer  10A 4Nos
16 Three Phase Auto Transformer   15A 3Nos
17 SPST Knife Switch 4Nos
18 TPST Knife Switch 2Nos
19 Single Phase Resistive Loading Bank 5KW 4Nos
20 Three Phase Resistive Loading Bank. 7.5KW 4Nos
21 BLDC Motor with Controller 40Watt, 24V DC, 3000RPM 1No
22 Tachometer–Digital 4Nos
23 Tachometer–Analog 2Nos
24 Capacitor Load 3Phase 10Amps 1No
25 DSO,  70MHZ 4Nos Circuits & Devices Lab
26 DSO,  100MHZ 3Nos
27 3 Phase AC-DCRectifier (200Amps) 1No
Portable DC Moving Coil Ammeter
28 0-2.5A, Accuracy - 1 5Nos
29 0-5A, Accuracy -1 5Nos
30 0-10A, Accuracy -1 5Nos
31 0-20A, Accuracy -1 10Nos
32 0-30A, Accuracy -1 5Nos
Portable Wattmeter(LPF)
33 Ph. 150/300/600V, 2.5/5A –TPDC 8Nos
34 Ph. 150/300/600V, 5/10A –TPDC 8Nos
Portable AC Moving Iron Volt Meter
35 1Ph. 0-15/30V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
36 1Ph. 0-30/60V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
37 1Ph. 0-150/300V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
38 1Ph. 0-300V, Accuracy -1 8Nos
39 1Ph. 0-150/300/600V, Accuracy -1 10Nos
40 1Ph. 0-600V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
Portable AC Moving Iron Ammeter
41 1Ph. 0-1/2A, Accuracy -1 6Nos
42 1Ph. 0-5A, Accuracy -1 6Nos
43 1Ph. 0-10A, Accuracy -1 10Nos
44 1Ph. 0-20A, Accuracy -1 10Nos
45 1Ph. 0-15/30A, Accuracy -1 6Nos
Portable (DC) Moving Coil Volt Meter
46 0-15V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
47 0-30V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
48 0-60V, Accuracy -1 6Nos
49 0-150/300V, Accuracy -1 10Nos
50 0-300V, Accuracy -1 10Nos
Portable Wattmeter(UPF)
51 1Ph. 300/600V, 5/10A DPDC 10Nos
52 1Ph. 150/300/600V, 10/20A DPDC 10Nos
53 1Ph.75/150/300V, 2.5/5A DPDC 6Nos
54 Dual Power Supply 15Nos
55 Function Generator 15Nos
56 50Ω/5A Rheostat (Tubular) 15Nos
57 300Ω/1.7A Rheostat (Tubular) 15Nos
58 500Ω/1.2A Rheostat (Tubular) 10Nos
59 Electronic Work Bench 8Nos
60 Multimeter 30Nos
61 Energy Meter (Disk Type) 2Nos
62 Energy Meter (Static Type) 2Nos
63 Earth Tester(0-2-20-2000) 4Terminals 1No
64 Earth Tester(0-500Ω) 4Terminals 1No
65 Insulation Tester (500V-10-100MΩ) 1No
66 Digital Line Tester 2Nos
67 Wattmeter 75/150/300V: 5/10A UPF 2Nos
68 Voltmeter (0-300/600V)AC 1No
69 Voltmeter (1V, 5V) DC Each 10Nos
70 Ammeter (1mA,10mA,15mA. 500mA, 100μA , 500μA, 1A) DC Each 15Nos
71 Voltmeter (10V,15V, 30V) DC Each 20Nos
72 Ammeter (30mA, 100mA) DC Each 20Nos
73 Ammeter (10A) DC 5Nos Power Electronics & Drives Lab
74 Characteristics of SCR 2Nos
75 Characteristics of TRIAC 2Nos
76 Characteristics of MOSFET 2Nos
77 Characteristics of IGBT 2Nos
78 Single phase SCR based Half controlled converter built-in firing circuit and Power circuit module 2Nos
79 Single phase SCR based Fully controlled converter  built-in firing circuit and Power circuit module 2Nos
80 MOSFET based step up and step down choppers.(Built-in  firing circuit and Power circuit) 2Nos
81 IGBT  based  single  phase  PWM  inverter  module  (Built-in firing circuit and Power circuit) 2Nos
82 IGBT  based  three  phase  PWM  inverter  module (Built-in firing circuit, Power circuit and 3Φ Motor) 2Nos
83 SCR  &TRIAC  based  1  phase  AC  controller  along  with lamp or rheostat load 2Nos
84 IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module (Built-in  firing circuit, Power circuit and 3Φ Motor) 2Nos
85 Switched mode power converter module/Discrete Component 2Nos
86 Single phase to Single phase cycloconverter experiment trainer kit 5Nos
87 Digital LCR Meter 3Nos
88 CRO 30MHz Dual Channel 10Nos
89 Isolation Transformer 1KVA 5Nos
90 Single phase Auto transformer(240/0-270V,10A) 3Nos
91 Decade inductance Box 5Nos
92 Decade Resistance Box 5Nos
93 Decade Capacitance Box 5Nos
94 Electronic Work Bench 8Nos
95 Process Control Simulator 1No Control & Instrumentation Lab
96 Lead-Lag Network Simulator 1No
97 DC Motor Position Control System 1No
98 Synchro Transmitter Receiver Trainer 1No
99 Digital Simulation Linear System 1No
100 Maxwell’s Inductance -Capacitance Bridge 2Nos
101 Anderson’s Bridge 2Nos
102 Hay’s Bridge 2Nos
103 Desauty’s Bridge 2Nos
104 Schering Bridge 2Nos
105 Wheat stone’s Bridge 2Nos
106 Kelvin’s Double Bridge 2Nos


i) RTD Module 
ii) Thermistor Module

108 Pressure Measurement Trainer Module 1No
109 Displacement Trainer using LVDT 1No
110 LDR/Photo diode / Photo Transistor Trainer 1No
111 Strain Measurement Trainer 1No
112 Flow Measurement Trainer 1No
113 Power and Energy Measurement 1No
114 DAC Stand Alone Study Module 1No
115 ADC 8 Channel Standalone Module 1No
116 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kits 15Nos Microprocessor Lab
117 8255 Interface Card 2Nos
118 8259 Interface Card 2Nos


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